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About Us

Lintrose Lawns, situated in lush landscape of the Midlands, is a premium supplier of instant lawn, servicing clients across Kwa-Zulu Natal. Lintrose Lawns is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality product and efficient service, from land preparation to planting.


Lintrose Lawns specialises in growing, preparing and planting of Kikuyu grass, however if you require another varietal please contact us for a quotation.

Available in rolls, plugs and sprigs.

Kikuyu Facts:

Suitable for full sun

Coarse leaf texture

Good recovery from drought

Suits wide range of soil types

Fast establishment rate

Excellent wearability

Cut regularly during summer

Lawn Care


Before planting, soil should be moistened to a depth of 15cm. The area of land where grass is to be planted should be dug to a level of 12-15cm and levelled carefully. Once grass has been laid, it becomes difficult to correct irregularities in the levels of the area.


For optimal results, instant lawns should be planted within 12 hours of delivery and not left to stand in full sun for long periods before planting. When planting, try not to leave any gaps between the turves, but if they do occur, they can be filled with topsoil and lightly firmed.


It is essential that newly planted instant lawn be watered immediately in order to establish the grass. During the summer months Kikuyu needs to be watered twice daily in order to ensure grass establishes well. In winter months, grass can be watered once daily.


Grasses that grow well in warm conditions should be fertilized in the Spring and Summer months. Kikuyu does best when fertilized little but frequently, however soil condition needs to be taken into account, more porous sandy soils need to be fertilized more regularly.

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Please get in touch with us, we would love to hear how Lintrose Lawns could help in transforming your landscape with premium, quality grass.

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